Mission, Vision and Values


We create and develop an environment, where children and adults alike learn with love, joy, freedom, inspiration, creativity and are supported and encouraged to enrich their knowledge as well to unleash their endless potential.
We apply and popularize the method of classical suggestopedia, created by Prof. Lozanov and Prof. Gateva, in foreign language learning as well other fields, especially primary education.
We develop new applications of the suggestopedic method in various fields.
We support the professional development of suggestopedic teachers, so that the method will be revived in its own homeland Bulgaria and will take its well-deserved place as a ‘superior method’ as a UNESCO expert commission stated as early as 1978.

Children as well as adults learn with a feeling of love and joy, their free will is respected and valued. People are able to assimilate greater amount of study material without any fatigue whatsoever. Learning through the suggestopedic method makes people happy and helps them unleash their endless potential. Moreover, it helps people to become better, calmer, healthier, fulfilled and versatile.
Our values are rooted in the laws of suggestopedia.