The Seven Laws of Suggestopedia


Love to the person. Not the sentimental or private but the big one to all mankind.
Each teacher should spread the love. To the students, to the learning process, to himself. It creates an environment of liberation, trust, and tranquility, encourages self-expression and empathy as well as communication.



It is a supreme value in the communication and sharing between the teacher and the students. It is also presented in the notion of each participant having the liberty to take part or not in a certain activity, according to his own discretion. The teacher shapes the training in an own unique way matching his personality as well as the group characteristics, thus upgrading the common Suggestopedia methodology.
Suggestopedia does not impose, it suggests.


Conviction of the Teacher That Something Unusual Is Taking Place

When the teacher is convicted that something unusual is happening in the learning process, this sparks inspiration in him and transfers to the students. His attitude and behavior are related to this faith which spreads around. He emits authentic signals stimulating people and boosting the manifestation of their own reserves.


Manifold Increase of Input Volume

“The greater load on the memory, the better the results”, Prof. Lozanov used to say.  
Nowadays the learners are capable of acquiring material at least twice or three times as fast, and even up to ten times more effectively, compared to traditional methods. The beneficial effect on health and behavior, along with the learning pace, can be increased manifold in the future.”, the Professor was convinced.


Connection Global – Partial, Partial – Global, Partial through Global

The part is inseparable from the global. That is why the parts are taught in a common context and global story. For instance, if we are given a story where the parts are the different topics of Getting Acquainted, Travelling, Appointments, Telephone Conversations, their parts, in turn, are the expressions, then wording and grammar are parts of the expressions, and so on. All is one. The learning process is synchronized teaching the parts through the global, where the global is leading.


The Golden Ratio

We can find it everywhere around in nature as well as in classical art. Applied in teaching, it can help us learn without fatigue. Its mathematical representation is the number 0.618. The golden ratio guides us in fixing the time for the different suggestopedic activities and orchestrates the whole suggestopedic process.

Use of Classical Art and Aesthetics

Carefully selected classic masterpieces from the spheres of music, literature, and fine arts, along with the overall aesthetics of space arrangement, facilitate the creation of a pleasant, calm and harmonious environment, totally free of stress. Suggestopedic art inspires the learners, helps their acquisition of new knowledge, and encourages ethical relationships within the group.