Desislava Natova

Suggestopedagogue in English Language
“The harmony I was longing for …”
Desislava encountered Suggestopedagogy for the first time as a student. She enrolled in Italian language course – language that she have never studied before.
The result exceeded her expectations: “I’ve received so much for such a short time, and it was much more than just knowledge in Italian. It was unconditional love, emotional support and acquaintance with amazing people. I am convinced that this is the best method for learning as well as for revealing the potential of every person.”
Desislava’s (not) accidental encounter with Suggestopedagogy inspired her to make a radical change in her professional life. “After 15 years in Human Recourses Suggestopedagogy came as a long-awaited return to my true self. I discovered the harmony I was longing for – the harmony between ethic and aesthetics, intellect, emotions, intuition. The harmony, which stimulates and reveals everyone’s potential and makes learning without fatigue possible as well as achieving very good results.”
Desislava Natova is certified suggestopedagogue.
She has a master degree in Psychology and experience in Human Recourse Management in big multinational companies. Learning and development of people have always been her passion. She has delivered numerous trainings in areas of communication skills and people management. 

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