Maria Petrova

English teacher
Graduated from Sofia University, with a Bachelor "American studies and English", Maria had a one and a half year experience in teaching young children and teens until now. She has a strong passion for teaching children and English as a language itself. Each time she learns something new and interesting, and by being together with the children she hopes that they can experience a whole new world, just as she does on a daily basis.

Things that motivate her being a young teacher are the dreams. Since a young age, she knew that this was the dream profession. With the help of her relatives and friends, she finally got the courage to fulfil this dream and turn it into a reality. That is why she encourages young children every day to keep dreaming and to never stop being a kid in the heart.

Maria is naturally an artistic person. Not once was she participating in different theatre acts, she loves to paint and to dance. Thanks to this method of teaching, she could easily let go and express herself spiritually in every way possible. Maria is thankful for the the opportunity to leave a remarkable trace from her energetic behaviour onto the students so they could feel the freedom to motivate themselves and to study with no tension.

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