Violeta Kalapova

Преподавател по български за чужденци
Every new meeting with the people who discover Bulgaria for the first time is a revelation to me – a touch to a unique history and fortune.

I graduated Journalism and Mass Communication from the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. My career as a journalist started as a radio reporter and a host. In the dawn of the online media in Bulgaria I worked as an editor for for 10 years. I loved writing for My Child magazine and in the last few years I have had numerous assignments in PR and Advertising.

My meeting with Suggestopedia was no coincidence because this word had been magical and enchanting for me ever since, as a child, I used to listen to my father Dr. Ivan Kalapov, telling extraordinary stories about Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the creator of Suggestology. Together they performed the sensational surgery without anesthetics in the 60’s of last century. At the right time, the fate brought me together with Vanina Bodurova who is spreading the ideas and inspiration of the Professor. She awoke in me the desire to find my way as a Suggestopedic Teacher in Bulgarian. The idea for a professional shift was spontaneous but it was warmly welcomed by all my friends and colleagues.

Other courses of the teacher


Bulgarian for Foreigners

Bulgarian Intermediate course - Continuation II Level

Mon/Tue/Thu 09:30AM- 1:00PM

25 Февруари 2020

Speaking club with Harry Kar

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