Foreign languages are learnt easily, while the students tell stories, travell in the world of imagination and live their dreams in “Vihrovenia”. In the suggestopedic courses the students dance, sing, play and have fun while studying, just as the children do. Here anything is possible. Everybody has the right to express themselves and to make their own choice what to take part in, how to approach the different activities. And the size of the material is manifold increased because there is a special course design to use peripheral reception classical music and art in all its forms. Unlike the standard learning there is no homework in the suggestopedic courses. There is no repetition of boring grammar and no tiredness. Grammar is learnt in the context of different stories and games, and people leave the course motivated and relaxed, more energetic and inspired.
When you open the door of your dreams and free your personality for the positive emotions the language barrier could be easily overcome. 


Beginners – Pre-Intermediate
Curriculum – “The Return” /chapters 1-5/
Tuition hours – 100 study hours, 4 study hours per day
Duration – 5 weeks
Tuition fee: BGN 600 + BGN 60 (textbook and study materials)
Pre–Intermediate  -  Intermediate
Curriculum – “The Return” /chapters 1-9/
Option 1:  tuition hours – 100 study hours, 4 study hours per day
Duration : 5 weeks
Option 2:  tuition hours – 100 hours, 3 times a week, 4 study hours per day
Duration: 8,5 weeks
Tuition fee: BGN 600 + BGN 60 (textbook and study materials)    
Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate
Curriculum: “Exploring Worlds of Wonder”
Tuition hours – 64 hours,  2 times a week /Tuesday – Thursday/ 4 study hours per day
Duration:  8 weeks
Tuition fee: BGN 510 + BGN 60 (textbook and study materials)             
Upper-Intermediate  -  Advanced
Tuition hours: 80 study hours, every weekday, 4 study hours per day
Duration:  5 weeks
Tuition fee: BGN 640 + BGN 60 (textbook and study materials)    

Upper-Intermediate  -  Advanced  -  IELTS
Intensive program including IELTS preparation
Tuition hours:  120 study hours, 2 times a week, Monday and Friday, 4 study hours per day
Tuition fee: BGN 960 + BGN 80 (textbook and study materials)    
*** The groups consist of 6 to 12 students. An individual interview and an entry assessment are done by a teacher prior to enrollment. For groups of 4 to 6 people individual 80 study hours’ programs apply.

Prices of individual programs:
* 3 people - BGN 15 per study hour
* 2 people - BGN 20 per study hour
* 1 person - BGN 30 per study hour


English language

Bulgarian Speaking Club

Mon/Tue/Thu/ 6:30pm- 9:00pm