Suggestopedia and Children

Do you believe that children can learn to read without the need of studying slowly and painfully each letter?
Is it true that first graders can learn to add and subtract numbers up to 100, or multiply and divide in just two weeks?
Do you think that children can learn to read and write without writing homework for hours or limiting their time for playing?
Is it true that every child has hidden resources, talents, and unlimited potential?
Yes, it is all true and proven by the method called Suggestopedia (Reservopedia).
But what does this whole success depend on? It depends on the personality of the teachers, their skills, their love and their way of perceiving the world.
The suggestopedic method of teaching children aims at and successfully succeeds in stimulating mental development, enhancing knowledge and desire for more learning, speeding up memory skills, transforming the learning process into a fun and jolly game in which children do not feel jaded, but on the contrary - they are charged with fresh energy.
The suggestopedic lessons are a natural way of learning that resembles the development in early childhood when children discover the world assisted by their parents. Just as any mother is convinced that her child is the most beautiful in the world, all suggestopedic teachers are convinced that their students have unlimited potential to learn more and more.
"By studying through Prof. Lozanov's method, children learn to read much earlier - in the first months of the study. They add and subtract three-digit numbers and know the concept of multiplication. As a comparison, children in first grade usually learn to count only up to 20”, shares the sugestopedic elementary teacher Katerina Dimitrova from Vihrovenia.
In addition to easily acquiring many times increased material, children in the Suggestopedic Daycare Center develop many other qualities such as high motivation, desire to discover the world as well as high levels of curiosity. The groups are very cohesive, all are friends and help each other, and the atmosphere is harmonious. Children grow up as free individuals without developing anxiety but bravely unfolding their creative abilities. 
"The pupils who have participated in suggestopedic lessons show remarkable progress by increasing their knowledge of the material they learn at school, improving their assessment results, developing new interests, and, above all, by beginning to love the subjects in which they had experienced difficulties before. It is also very important that their anxiety decreases and they become more confident in their knowledge”, claims Dora Davidova, a Sugestopedic elementary teacher at the Suggestopedic Daycare for Children from 1st to 4th grade.
We at Vihrovenia are unanimous that it is very important that the Suggestopedia method be implemented in the state and municipal schools. Because Suggestopedia unfolds love, tranquility and joy of the learning process, both in children and in the souls of teachers - a very important element of the change in the Bulgarian education, which we all strive for. And as an abetment we can recall the words of the father of Suggestopedia - Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov: "What needs to be changed in the educational system is the teacher's soul!"