Vihrovenia Center of Classical Suggestopedia is called to share the love of learning. That liberating and inspiring learning process in which our whole being is immersed in the new and we embrace knowledge with ease and breadth. Our pivotal point is the bright personality of Dr. Lozanov, the creator of Suggestopedia, and our principles spring from the seven laws delineated by him.
Every day is a holiday for us, a celebration of the infinite potential of man. And every day we strive to show this potential to you, to stimulate it and create the conditions for it to flourish; to create and develop an environment in which you, our students and children learn with love, joy, freedom, inspiration and creativity. And we support and encourage you to enrich your knowledge and share yourselves and your magnetic potential.
In Vihrovenia, we believe in Suggestopedia and live it - inside and outside the classroom. And we have accepted as our life mission to popularize the method of Classical Sugesopedia, created by Prof. Dr. Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Gateva, in studying foreign languages ​​as well as in the whole variety of educational disciplines. Particular attention and commitment is given to the application of Suggestopedia in the early childhood pedagogy, as we see how it can transform the lives of our children and make them happier, more relaxed, joyful and knowledgeable.
Vihrovenia works to revive the method of Suggestopedia in its homeland - Bulgaria, so that it occupies its deserved place in the country's school system as a "supreme method of learning", recommended by the UNESCO International Expert Committee to be spread worldwide as early as 1978.