Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should people choose suggestopedia as a learning method? 

Because this is the way to learn a foreign language quickly and with a long-lasting effect while having fun. The overall organization of the lessons takes into consideration the natural way to acquire new knowledge though experience. All role plays and activities stimulate the senses as well as creativity and leave a lasting trace in learners’ memory. The psychological approach to the learning process contributes to both hemispheres in the brain working in harmony, which provides the basis for the activation of long-term memory.
2. How long has suggestopedia been applied as a teaching method? 

The first experimental courses took place in the mid-70s, when active research and experiments were carried out at the Suggestology Institute, led by Prof. Lozanov. Research on the manifested and the hidden capacities of the brain, conducted by Prof. Lozanov with the indispensable help of Prof. Gateva, led to suggestopedia’s current form. The method has already received international acclaim.
Nowadays it is undergoing a revival in its country of origin, after being implemented for decades on five continents. Suggestopedic elements as well as its principles have been applied in the Finnish education system, which is among the best in the world. According to UNESCO’s evaluation in 1978 suggestopedia is ‘a generally superior teaching method.’
3. What makes suggestopedia different from other teaching methods?
Suggestopedia makes use of various psychological and artistic means, which engage all senses in order to unleash the hidden reserves (suggestopedia is also known as reservopedia – using the reserves of the human brain).
There is no homework and learners are not engaged with anything outside the suggestopedic course. A lasting emotional connection with the language as well as a desire to upgrade knowledge on one’s own are developed. Role plays and the use of classical music while introducing new material make suggestopedia different from all other methods. Grammar and writing are mastered effortlessly as part of the global scheme which is followed during the learning process.
The method has a psychotherapeutic effect and does not cause stress or strain unlike traditional methods. Divided in specific time modules, the variety of activities prevent boredom and exertion.
4. How many people have completed suggestopedic courses since the centre was opened? 

On balance, over 4400 children and adults have joined and completed courses for the past 6 years.